Don’t Get a Blue Merle French Bulldog If You Don’t Know These Facts


A blue merle Frenchie is known for having markings and white patches all over its body. They are originally black, but their coat color has been diluted into a blue shade due to the merle gene. The eyes of blue merle Frenchie pups can be bright blue in color. It’s also possible for their eyes to have tints of hazel, amber or light green.

How to Breed a Blue Merle French Bulldog

Blue merle Frenchies are a rare colored French bulldog. You have to cross a merle French bulldog and a blue Frenchie to produce this variety. The merle gene is dominant and indicated by the big letter M. This gene dilutes different portions of the dog’s coat into a lighter tint.

There will still be patches of the dog’s original color. These patches may have uneven edges and can have any shape and size. Breeding Blue merle Frenchies is difficult because you have to find parents that are carriers of the dilution gene.

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This breed can only get pregnant through artificial insemination, which can be costly. Mating is difficult for them due to their short body and hips. A pregnant French bulldog also needs a healthy diet and she needs to undergo ultrasound examination as well.

A female Frenchie can only give birth through a C-section because her birth canal is smaller than the size of the pups’ heads. The traditional delivery method is dangerous for the mother and the pups. Frenchies usually produce only 1 to 2 pups per litter and this is one of the reasons why this breed is expensive. Since the blue merle French bulldog is rare, expect it to be even more expensive.

Health Risks

This breed variety is prone to various health problems. According to research, breeding a merle with another merle will result in twenty-five percent double merles. Such breeds have an eighty-six percent probability of being deaf, blind or deformed or having neurological defects, immune disorders and allergies.

Blue merle French bulldogs can also suffer from a skin inflammatory problem that breaks their skin something that is usually followed by staph infections. Their immune system is weak, so their lifespan is limited. Most of the puppies die after a few weeks. The merle gene increases the risk of eye deformities, particularly if the dog carries 2 of the genes.

Rare colored Frenchies like the blue merle French bulldog can suffer from wondering eye or eccentric pupils. This condition causes the lens material to become liquefied and leak into the dog’s eye. Your pet may also develop coloboma, an eye condition that causes an eye cleft. This is associated with blindness and deafness.

Blue merle Frenchies may also suffer from anopthalmia. This is an eye condition where both or one of the eyes is missing. The eyes may be present, but very deep inside the sockets and covered by the nictitating membrane.

This breed may also develop deformed eyes or micropthalmia. One or both eyes could be small, which is not normal for this breed and eye socket of the dog is covered by the nictitating membrane.

Just remember that when buying a blue merle French bulldog, you should focus on their health instead of appearance. Look for a reputable breeder. It is tempting to get one with a beautiful color, but the health of the dog should always be your priority.

How to Keep Them Entertained

French bulldogs are friendly, playful and love to spend time with their humans. However, leaving them alone for a long time can leave them depressed. Expect your blue merle French bulldog to suffer from the same problems. There are various ways to keep your dog entertained and one of these is by giving them a toy.

Aside from keeping them entertained, playing with toys can also help improve their intelligence. Your dog will become amiably tired and won’t cause trouble when left alone. The destructive behavior of a Frenchie can be due to dejection or lack of exercise. Take him out for a walk before you have to leave the house. A fifteen-minute walk should be enough to exercise your dog’s mind and body.

Blue merle French bulldogs can’t tolerate hot weather, so consider indoor playing when you want to exercise your dog. Here are some toys that you can use to entertain your dog inside the house.

Food catapult

Just put your dog’s favorite dry kibble in the catapult and use it to train your dog. This is a fun way to teach your blue merle French bulldog some commands such as stand, sit and roll. Your dog will love catching the food bullets as well as learn to follow your orders.

Plush toy

Playing with toys is one of the best ways to relieve stress, so consider buying a plush toy for your dog. When dogs are carrying their favorite toy, it only means that they are looking for a consolation. Carrying it around also helps create a bond between your pooch and the toy. Buy a plush toy that your dog will love and turn to when they feel bored or stressed.

Chew toys

If your dog has plaque and tartar on his teeth, you can buy him a chew toy. This item can help clean his teeth and strengthen his jaws. Just make sure that the chew toy is made of materials that are safe for dogs. There are chew toys that produce a squeaky sound when bitten. Your dog will be curious about the squeaky sound, so he won’t stop chewing.

Squeaky chew toys are available in a wide range of colors and are great for pups that are going through a bad teething phase. This toy can endure the strongest bites of a dog, so you don’t need to worry about replacing it too soon. There are also chew toys that produce a beeping sound when chewed. These toys are washable and made of durable materials.

Interactive toys

Frenchies have a high tendency to develop separation anxiety because they are a breed that used to work together with their owners. That is why you should occupy their attention by giving them an interactive toy that will release treats as your dog rolls it. However, you have to be careful not to over feed your dog. You can take a small amount of food from his meal to use for rewarding your pet.

One of the best things about these toys is that you can select the difficulty level, allowing your dog to solve a new puzzle every day. These toys can help your dog cope with stress and prevent destructive behavior.


You have to provide your dog with a well-balanced diet. Since French bulldogs have an allergic reaction to various ingredients like eggs, corn and soy, you can switch to a BARF diet for Frenchies. This includes giving them raw ingredients like raw meat and fresh veggies and fruits.

Regular grooming is also an essential part of owning a dog. Since blue merle Frenchies don’t shed a lot, you can simply brush their coat once a week. Aside from these tasks, you also need to check your dog’s tear stains. The stains can be caused by various environmental allergens and genetics that can result in excessive itching. Use a tear stain remover to prevent irritations and to keep your dog clean.

It is important to soothe your dog’s paw pads, especially after walking outside. Sharp terrains and hot pavements can injure his paws, so use a paw balm to soothe them. It is also important to choose the right dog shampoo because Frenchies have sensitive skin. You can use a bath salt that is made for French bulldog to keep his fur smooth and glossy.

You have to trim his nails regularly to prevent ingrown nails. Relax your pet by giving him treats before trimming his nails. You should also purchase a feeding bowl to prevent your dog from eating too fast and suffering from gasses and stomach flatulence.

Since this breed has a tendency to overheat due to their short snout, you should not take him for a walk when it is really hot outside. The best time to walk your dog is late at night or early morning. You should also keep him in a well-ventilated room. A self-cooling mat can help lower his body temperature in just a few minutes.


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