Can French Bulldogs Swim?


Can French Bulldogs swim? Perhaps you have seen photos of a French Bulldog swimming in a pool. Don’t let those photos fool you! French Bulldogs can’t swim and here’s why.

Why Frenchies Can’t Swim

French Bulldogs have a short body, flat face and thick neck structure. They look adorable, but it’s also because of these traits that they can’t swim. French bulldogs have to spend a lot of energy and force just to float and keep their head above the water. They may have a swimming instinct, but they will sink like a rock when they try to swim.

If you’ve always wanted to swim with your Frenchie, you don’t have to worry because you can teach your pooch to swim with a life jacket. You have to monitor your Frenchie at all times. Don’t leave him alone near water on a hot day or you will end up with a dead Frenchie.

Teaching Frenchies to Swim

Proper training and a life jacket can help your French Bulldog swim. There are life jackets made for dogs that allow them to keep their head above the water. The buddy system is an effective training method.

It is basically swimming with your Frenchie and praising him throughout the training session. You should also give him a treat for properly leaving the water.

It’s best to swim in the water without any currents. French Bulldogs don’t have a snout to protect their airway from the waves. Their head is almost submerged even if they wear a life jacket. This is why you should always look at your pooch while he’s swimming or near the water to ensure that his head is not completely submerged.

You can teach your Frenchie to swim in a children’s pool. The small size of this pool is perfect for French Bulldogs. These plastic pools, however, can’t be transported. This might be a problem if you travel a lot and you always bring your Frenchie with you.

You have to provide your French Bulldogs with a way to cool down while playing outside. Look for a foldable children’s pool that you can bring anywhere.

Importance of a Life Jacket for Dogs

If you have decided to teach your Frenchie to swim, you should buy him a life jacket that perfectly fits his body otherwise, it won’t keep your pet above the water.

French Bulldogs can drown even in shallow water. They can’t keep their nose up and they get tired fast. This is because they can’t inhale enough air in one breath, which can be fatal to them. That is why you should buy a life jacket that perfectly fits your French Bulldog.

If you buy a life jacket that’s too big for him, he might slip off and drown. If you buy one that’s too small, your Frenchie won’t be comfortable. Life jackets will prevent your Frenchie from drowning, but you shouldn’t leave him unattended even when he is wearing one. Observe his behavior all the time to see if he is having any problems.

When your pooch realizes that he can float, you can proceed with the swimming lessons. Life jackets designed for dogs have a handle that you can use to move your Frenchie through the water. Guide your pet until he starts to move his legs of his own accord.

You can also swim alongside your Frenchie and show him how relaxed you are. Dogs are intelligent creatures, so they will realize that they have nothing to be scared of. You can get a life jacket in a neon color to keep your pooch visible. Some life jackets for dogs have a D-ring where you can put a leash. This allows you to walk with your dog near the pool or water.

How to Prevent French Bulldogs from Overheating

Aside from teaching your dog how to swim, you should also take measures to make sure that he doesn’t overheat.

1.Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you when you’re taking your Frenchie outside. French bulldogs should drink lots of water during summer or hot days to prevent heat stroke.

2.You should also provide your Frenchie with a cooling vest to prevent him from overheating. Soak the cooling vest in water. Wring out excess water and let your pooch wear the vest.

3.A cooling collar can help your Frenchie endure high temperatures. It has gel packs that you have to store in the fridge before allowing your pet to wear the collar.

Don’t be afraid to teach your French bulldog to swim. It’s a great way for them to cool off. French bulldogs are susceptible to overheating, so they would benefit from spending a lot of time in the water during warm days. Just keep an eye on your pooch when he’s swimming.


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