Can Dogs Eat Black Beans?


Black beans are among the most nutritious beans out there. They are prized for their impressive fiber and protein content, which makes them a wholesome addition to your dog’s diet. Learn more about black beans and the ways you can incorporate them into Fido’s diet in today’s post.

What You Need to Know About Feeding Black Beans to Dogs

Black beans are not poisonous to dogs, as long as they are well cooked before reaching your pet’s bowl. Never ever let your dog gobble down uncooked black beans. In high amounts, raw black beans can be toxic due to their phytohemagglutinin content.

The said substance is neutralized when exposed to heat. Boiling the beans for at least 10 minutes gets rid of this compound but as a rule of thumb, you should wait at least 45 minutes for them to be tender enough. Then you have to wait another 30 minutes for simmering.

Black beans are sturdy so you have to be patient in waiting for them to be done. But what’s nice about these beans is that they don’t get mushy when cooked. When your pet does not have the penchant for mushy food, it will be nice to offer black beans.

On a positive note, black beans are a great source of potassium. Like humans, dogs also require potassium to balance the fluid in their body. Adequate potassium levels also prevent hypokalemia in canines. A cup of black beans provides as much as 2877 milligrams of potassium.

Dried black beans don’t contain sodium, unlike the canned ones. Do note that dogs need sodium because it keeps the cells from being dehydrated or swollen. But in excessive amounts, sodium can leave your pet extremely thirsty.

As with any type of beans, black beans boast high fiber content. They support a healthier digestive system and prevent cases of diarrhea and constipation. The fiber is also beneficial for heart health.

Many dog owners give black beans to their pets for the protein content. It’s a good idea but you have to consider that these beans are still carbs. Your pet still needs lots of animal-based protein in his diet because dogs are designed to eat meat in the first place.

What Is the Best Way to Serve Black Beans to Dogs?

Your dog will surely enjoy a bowl of black beans mixed with brown rice. Make it more nutritious by adding kale and chopped sweet potato. You can even add a bit of your pet’s favorite kibble so he could get used to the taste of black beans.

Before you mix them with your pet’s meal or kibble, ensure that they were prepared accordingly. This means they have been already rinsed, soaked, and boiled.

Rinsing is essential to get rid of any dirt from your dried beans. It should be followed by soaking which should last for four to six hours but it is better if you can do it overnight.

Once the beans were soaked, transfer them in a pot with around 3 inches of water above. Then wait for them to be fully cooked. Boiling usually lasts for 45 minutes but you can wait for an hour to ensure they are easy to chew.

When you feel like cooking for your pet, you could try making some burgers out of black beans! The procedure is similar to how you make your typical burger but you will substitute meat with black beans.

You can make the burger more appetizing by adding some cheddar cheese and parsley. It’s a tasty treat that any dog will surely love. Plus, it’s a smart way to introduce black beans to your pup.

Keep it simple when cooking black beans for your buddy. Don’t put any seasonings such as salt and pepper. Beans are meant to be served along with rice and meat so you don’t need to make them tasty for your dog.

The dense and rich flavor of your black beans will complement the strong flavor of the meat. You can also add some kale and carrots to add a bit of flavor to the meal. Just make sure to chop them in small pieces so your pet will not have find it difficult to chew.

Important Reminders for when Feeding Beans to Dogs

Do note that almost all of the calories in black beans are derived from carbohydrates. The amount of carbohydrates for a 100-gram serving is around 63 grams.

The truth is dogs do not need to be sustained with carbohydrates on a daily basis. You are still allowed to share some carbs, but it should not be more than 10-percent of their recommended dietary allowance.

Meanwhile, black beans also have a gas-inducing effect. Don’t be surprised when your pet ends up farting after eating some of these beans. These beans can also cause your pet to have runny stools, due to their high fiber content.

To prevent these problems from occurring, make sure to introduce black beans slowly. Also, consider the fact that some dogs are quite picky. They may not like black beans that much.


Black beans are okay for dogs, given that they have been soaked and well-cookedand are served in moderate amounts. You can consider them as a healthy treat for your pet but not as a substitute for his main meals. Your pet still needs a lot of protein to be in his top shape.

Plain black beans are the best for dogs, but if you want to make them more palatable, you can incorporate them into your pet’s rice bowl. Make them more flavourful even without the seasonings by adding chopped vegetables like carrots and a stem of kale.


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