What to Expect When You Have a Mini Blue Heeler

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The Miniature Blue Heeler is a cross between the Australian Cattle Dog and the Chihuahua or other smaller breeds. This variation possesses most of the characteristics of the original version. The most obvious difference between them is the toy size of the Miniature Blue Heeler. These dogs are energetic and have the work ethics of a herding dog.

Female and male Miniature Blue Heelers weigh 12 lbs to 25 pounds and stand at 11″ to 15″ tall. This breed variation is highly active and doesn’t like sitting around for a long time inside the house. They want to go outside to work, play or exercise. They are independent and don’t need a lot of cuddling or attention from their humans. However, Mini Blue Heelers still love getting positive feedback when they are doing a good job.

Due to their natural instincts as herding dogs, they may herd or nip people. This breed is also protective, which makes them great guard dogs.

Why the Mini Blue Heeler Makes a Great Pet

Low Maintenance

One of the best things about Mini Blue Heelers is that they are low maintenance. If you have a busy schedule, this breed is just right for you. The coat of Mini Blue Heelers protects them from the cold and other elements. It produces an oily residue, which makes brushing and cleaning your dog easy. Moreover, this layer doesn’t produce any odor.


Mini Blue Heelers are easy to train because they are smart. They will follow commands and not show any destructive behavior, provided that they are properly trained. A bored dog will find ways to amuse himself by digging and chewing on things. If you train and socialize your Mini Blue Heeler early and correctly, he will become a well-rounded dog when he grows up.


Mini Blue Heelers are protective of their humans. They may be small, but they are alert and always ready to protect their owners. Another good thing about this breed is that they don’t bark excessively. You don’t need to worry about your pet troubling or disturbing your neighbors.

Playful and Active 

Miniature Blue Heelers love spending their energy playing or working. Due to their herding instincts, they will love it if you allow them to run around in open spaces. Mini Blue Heelers are perfect for those who love the outdoors because you will get a lot of exercise and playtime with them.


This breed is extremely loyal and when properly taken care of, they show their appreciation and love by guarding and protecting their owners. They may not cuddle as much as other breeds, but they still love to get praises and play with their humans. Just keep in mind that Mini Blue Heelers are not ideal for all households. If you prefer a lapdog and you don’t like going out for walks or exercise, you should consider another breed.


Give your pet only premium dog food. You can prepare the food on your own or buy a commercial one. Mini Blue Heelers don’t need a special diet. They can be given any food that is highly nutritious and suitable for dogs. If your pet has underlying health problems, you should talk to the vet first.

Ask for advice about the right food choices and portions for your dog. If your pet moves around a lot, he will definitely eat more. He needs more calories to compensate for the energy used for exercising, training or playing.

Mini Blue Heeler Training

Mini Blue Heeler pups are playful and eager to learn anything you teach them. As adults, they are extremely hard working. Since Mini Blue Heelers have high energy levels, you have to take them out a lot as short walks will not be enough for them.

Also, you have to give them an outlet to spend their energy to prevent them from getting bored or frustrated. After all, you don’t want your dog to chew on your stuff. Your Mini Blue Heeler should have obedience training and socialization from a young age. The more they are socialized, the happier your pet will be. Pups won’t learn to behave around other people and pets if they’re not exposed to different social situations.

You have to continue training your pet in terms of obedience, agility and herding to make sure that he doesn’t develop any destructive behavior. Provide them with activities that stimulate them mentally and physically. Tracking and retrieving will improve and maintain their quick response and focus. If they are not given enough mental and physical stimulation, they will get bored and start misbehaving.

Mini Blue Heelers respond well to positive reinforcement. For instance, if your pet has an accident inside the house, you have to discipline him so that he understands that what he did was wrong and is not allowed. If he relieves himself outside at the right spot, you should praise him.

Consistency is important during training. Mini Blue Heelers know that if you let them get away with violating a rule, they will be able to get off scot-free again. It may not be easy to do so because of how adorable they look, but you have to teach your pet properly from the start if you want him to learn.

It is also important to set boundaries for your pet. Miniature Blue Heeler puppies love to herd, explore and work. If you don’t set boundaries, they will wander whenever and wherever they want to go. Teach them to stay and heel. Go to spots you don’t want them to go and teach your pet to stay and sit outside those areas so that he will learn that it’s as far as he is allowed to go.

You have to show that you’re the alpha. If they think that you’re not going to be the boss, they will just do whatever they want. You want your pet to behave properly. This means that you have to be the boss or else, your pet will develop a bad attitude.


This breed may not be ideal for those who can’t meet their energy levels. Mini Blue Heelers don’t tire quickly. They need at least one to two hours of exercise every day. If you want your dog to play freely in your yard, you have to secure that area with a dog proof fence. Don’t over feed your Mini Blue Heeler, so he doesn’t get obese.

Mini Blue Heeler Health

They can suffer from the same health problems as Blue Heelers like hip dysplasia, deafness and retinal atrophy. Make sure that your pet has gone through tests to assess his current condition. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent any health problem from getting worse.

Take your pet to the vet for regularcheckups as this will help maintain their health. You also need to make sure that your Mini Blue Heeler is up to date with his shots. This is particularly important if you want them to socialize with other people and pets.

Mini Blue Heeler Grooming

They are easy to maintain. You only need to brush them once a week and bathe them as needed or once a month. This breed sheds twice a year and during the shedding seasons and they need to be brushed thoroughly every few days to get rid of all dead hair. A short-bristled brush will make the job easier for you.

Their nails also need to be trimmed on a regular basis. Also, don’t forget to brush their teeth and clean their ears every few days.

Where Can You Get Mini Blue Heeler Pups?

If you want to buy a Mini Blue Heeler pup, you have to be willing to do some research. They are specially bred, so your easiest option is to search online. Many breeders post ads for the dogs they breed. Find those who specialize in breeding Mini Blue Heelers. Ask for details and pictures of the pups they have.

You can also search locally. Ask your friends if they know a reputable breeder where you can buy Mini Blue Heeler pups. You can also ask the animal organizations in your area. Choose breeders who have received a lot of positive feedback from their past customers. The breeders should be willing to answer your questions and accommodate your requests.

After choosing a breeder, you can start negotiating with him. Ask about the terms of returns, issues and certifications. Having a written agreement is a good idea because this way, you can make sure that the terms you agreed on will be followed. You should be willing to see the breeder and the pups as well as their parents. That way, you will get an idea about how your pet will be like when he grows up.

Don’t forget to prepare your house for the arrival of your new dog. Remove anything that can injure your Mini Blue Heeler pup such as sharp objects and small toys that they might swallow. You should also remove electrical wires that he might chew on.


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