Is the Springerdoodle the Crossbreed for You?

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A Springerdoodle aka Sproodle is a cross between two purebred dogs, the English springer spaniel and the Poodle. With its adorable looks and lovable personality, anyone would love to have this dog as a “fur-ever” pet. If you badly want a Springerdoodle in your life, read on for more information about this mixed breed.


The majority of mixed breeds, especially the new generation of Doodle dogs, were first bred in the United States. It is believed that Springerdoodles first made their way in the canine world sometime during the ‘80s, at a time when designer breeds started gaining popularity. Fast-forward to present day, these dogs are not just sought-after in U.S.A. but also in the U.K. and other North American territories.

The goal of developing them is to have a hypoallergenic companion animal. They are recognized by organizations for mixed breeds, like the Designer Breed Registry, American Canine Hybrid Club, and the International Designer Canine Registry. Their other names include Springerdoodle Retriever and Springerpoo Retriever.


The Sproodle resembles a typical Doodle dog. At a glance, one would assume it’s just a Poodle but a closer look will tell it’s a mixed breed. It has round and expressive eyes, an endearing face, and the looks of a teddy bear. It comes in solid or partial white color and you can find many of them in full black or chocolate colors. There are also Springerdoodles in black and white combinations or red and white combinations.

These dogs are medium-sized dogs, so they can adapt even to apartment living. When fully grown, a Sproodle weighs around 40-60 lbs. on average. Those with a mini Poodle parent are usually smaller in terms of height and weight. It’s the Sproodle of choice for pet parents who want an easy to carry pet. They normally weigh 30 – 45 lbs. when fully grown. Their typical height is around 14-24 inches.

Like its parents, expect this pup to have a wavy coat texture. While they are hypoallergenic, don’t expect them to be completely allergy-free. Besides, there is no such thing as a non-shedding dog. All of them shed to a certain degree, but Poodles are considered hypoallergenic because their hair gets trapped in their curls. If your buddy has more of the English springer spaniel in its lineage, there’s a possibility it will shed a fair amount of hair throughout the year.

However, this shedding level is still manageable. Vacuum regularly and brush your pet’s coat as needed. A lint roller will also be helpful, especially if you want to get rid of pet hair on small surfaces and furniture. Keep this in handy and you will never have to worry about hair or dander again. Following these tips will help minimize the amount of pet hair around the house.


The Springerdoodle is a product of two friendly breeds. The English springer spaniel and the Mini/Standard Poodle will likely pass on their even temperament to their offspring. These dogs are not usually aggressive, which makes them ideal for households with young children. Most of these dogs are the “clown” of their families because of their fun-loving personality.

This designer dog thrives in human companionship. However, it has the tendency to be dependent on the people around him, like the Poodle and the English springer spaniel. Many Springerdoodles are also friendly towards other pets. If you have other animals at home, it will not be a problem to throw this dog into the mix. They do well with both cats and dogs.

It is worth noting that crossbreeds may have varied personalities. The traits and features will still depend on the more prominent gene. If a dog is an F1 or first generation, it will have 50% of the English springer spaniel and 50% of Standard Poodle in its lineage. You can determine a dog’s pedigree through DNA testing.

Springerdoodle Grooming

For dogs with a wavy coat, the best kinds of brushes to use are the slicker brush and thebristle brush. The slicker brush is perfect for removing knots on dogs with medium-length coat while a bristle brush is ideal for maintaining the smoothness of the coat. When brushing your pet’s coat with a slicker brush, make sure it gets down to the skin but be as gentle as possible otherwise, you might end up scratching your pet’s skin.

In addition to regular brushing, Sproodles also require clipping. You can do clipping at home, as long as you are trained to do so and you have the right tools, such as a close-toothed comb and thinning shears. The coat, especially the hair on the legs and chest should be trimmed to prevent mats and tangles. If you are not at ease doing it yourself, simply bring your Sproodle to a dog grooming salon to have his hair clipped.

Like itsEnglish Springer Spaniel parent, your pooch could have a thicker coat upon reaching the sixth month of age. This requires trimming because the excess hair can leave your buddy uncomfortable. He could also develop mats and tangles if you keep the hair long. Trimming your pet’s hair also helps keep his natural looks.

Ear cleaning is also an important part of grooming your new buddy because these dogs arequite prone to ear infection. Earsshould be cleaned with a dog ear cleaner once a week. Ear infection is very common in dogs with long and floppy ears because they are more susceptible to bacteria and yeasts. When bathing your dog or after swimming, keep the ears completely dry so it will not end up warm and moist, making them more prone to infection.

Springerdoodle Feeding

A high-quality dog food is the best choice for Sproodles. Vets recommend starting with dry dog food, at around two cups per day divided into three or four servings. Stick to this kind of diet until your pup reached the fourth month of age. You may switch to wet food especially if your dog is at risk for obesity and excessive increase in weight.

Wet dog food is ideal for dogs with weight problems because it contains less calories. It is also easier to chew and digest compared to dry dog food. You can find them in formulations perfect for all life stages. Like with dry dog food, always check if it is made of premium ingredients and not just fillers or animal by-products.

While there are dogs that can eat just about anything without a problem, some cannot easily digest food and suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. These are the common signs of sensitive stomach, along with gas in the stomach. If you suspect your pooch has a sensitive stomach, consult a vet first before modifying his diet. This is to guarantee that it’s truly gastrointestinal ailment and not another kinds of disease.

Many food items, even if they are safe for canines, can cause allergies. Theseinclude dairy and poultry products. Beef also causes allergies in dogs. If your pooch is hypersensitive to this kind of meat, you may offer turkey because it’s the best alternative to poultry and other meat products.

If you are thinking of switching from commercially prepared food to natural or raw, consult a veterinarian beforehand. It is important to work with a vet especially if your pooch has a sensitive stomach. There are human foods that dogs cannot eat including grapes, raisins, chocolates, xylitol, and macadamia nuts.


Daily walks are important to keep your buddy in his top shape. Your Springerdoodle is a highly energetic dog, so it’s a must to provide him with regular exercise. Otherwise, he will end up with destructive behavior out of boredom. This dog loves water and would enjoy activities like boating and swimming. In addition to physical activities, you may also include brain-stimulating tasks such as playing doggie puzzles and treasure hunting.

You may incorporate obedience training in your pet’s usual physical activities. Training your new buddy will not be much of a problem because you got a pooch that is quick to learn. You can start obedience training as early as seven weeks of age. Begin with simple commands, like asking your dog to sit and stay. It is better to start early rather than late to prepare your buddy for the formal training, which usually starts at 6 months of age.

Springerdoodle Health

Mixed breeds are considered healthier than their purebred parents due to hybrid vigor. This refers to superior qualities that occur when two genetically different animals were crossbred. But just likehumans, animals can still get sick and here are the common diseases you have to keep an eye on if you are planning to have a Springerdoodle:

Allergies – both parents are prone to many different types of allergies. Many English Springer Spaniels suffer from seasonal allergies while Standard Poodles are very prone to skin allergies. Seasonal allergies are characterized by hair loss, paw-licking, and uncontrolled scratching. Skin allergies have many different possible causes and the treatment will vary. The typical symptoms are skin dryness and itching. The likelihood of allergies can be reduced by giving the dog probiotics like Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Hip Dysplasia – this refers to the instability of the hip joints that often lead to arthritis. It can be extremely painful, especially in advanced stages. Dogs suffering from this condition should be given limited amounts of exercise or physical activities, mostly on hard surfaces. in advanced stages, it will also help to give anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and corticosteroids.

Ear Infections – the parents are both prone to this typeof infection because of their long and floppy ears. You can prevent this from happeningby drying your dog’s ears thoroughly after a swim or a bath. There are ear cleaners and solution especially formulated for dogs. Other than ear solutions, you may also use hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar as natural home remedies if ear infections are already present. Symptoms of ear infection include head-shaking and excessive scratching on the affected area. A dog suffering from an ear infection will also have unusual or unlikely odor coming from his ears.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy – this conditionrefers to a set of hereditary diseases seen in certain breeds of dogs. It begins with the degeneration of the retina, which can turn to progressive vision loss if not treated immediately. If a dog is diagnosed with PRA, it should be supplemented with antioxidants to avoid complete loss of vision. Canine genetic testing is already available to confirm if a dog is at risk for PRA or not. It is not that expensive and has a turn-around time of one week or more. The usual symptoms of PRA in canines include cloudy eye surface, cataracts, and the dog’s reluctance to go in the dark. Dogs with thiscondition will also end up bumping into furniture or tripping over objects because of their affected vision.

Springerdoodle for Sale

The starting price of Springerdoodle pups is around $1,000. The amount could go higher depending on breeder, pedigree, and other small factors like gender and coat color. Those with solid colors, like black and grey are less expensive compared to the tri-colored ones. Female dogs are also pricier than the male ones.

Before buying, make sure the parents both underwent health testing before breeding. This is to guarantee that these dogs are in good shape and will not pass on any life-threatening condition to their pups. Health tests are also necessary to check if these dogs have any hereditary diseases.


Springerdoodlesareamong the well-loved Doodle dogs because of theirendearing looks and “teddy bear” appearance. Theycombine the best of both worlds, the elegance of the Standard Poodle and the cheerfulness of the English springer spaniel. With theirfriendly nature and lovable personality, this pet is suitable for first-time pet parents.


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