What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Pacific Bulldog

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The Pacific Bulldog is a breed with an athletic build. It has a muscular body, smooth coat, sturdy frame and big blocky head. This breed is playful, sociable and ready to go anywhere.

Their ears are set wide apart and far from the eyes. They have a short muzzle with moderate wrinkle and almond or oval-shaped eyes that come in different colors.

This breed has a large nose with nostrils that are wide open. Their neck is slightly arched, muscular and thick with little loose skin. They have a very broad chest and rounded or well sprung ribcage. This breed should look like it has a square body. They have muscular shoulders that are widespread, laid back and heavy.

The Pacific Bulldog has well-developed calves and short forelegs. Their elbows are loose from their body. They have muscular and strong hind legs that are longer than their forelegs. Their lower legs are strong, short and straight. They have tight and compact toes.

Their feet are tight, well arched, compact and rounded. The Pacific Bulldog weighs between 50 and 70 pounds and stands at between 15″ and 17″ in height. All colors are acceptable excluding Merle because it’s not allowed within the gene pool of this breed.

​The Pacific Bulldog has a short and smooth coat that can grow up to 12″ long. The Pacific Bulldogs are great family dogs and companions due to their healthy drive and gentle, proud behavior. Before you adopt one, you should consider the factors below.

Pacific Bulldog Cost

Can you afford to adopt a Pacific Bulldog? You have to think about the cost of their food and vet visits. Pacific Bulldogs are loyal and protective, but they know boundaries. You don’t need to worry about feeding them because it’s cheap. This breed has a small belly and they will usually go back to sleep after eating breakfast or dinner.

They sleep a lot and it’s not really surprising given that they have a large head. They love sleeping on their owner’s lap, so you can cuddle with your pooch when you just want to relax. Pacific Bulldogs are dependable and fun loving. Not all breeders, however, are ethical.

The pooch you are adopting may have underlying issues, so make sure to investigate his past living environment. Find out how he was treated by his previous owner. A trustworthy dog rescue service would get the dogs checked by the veterinarian before putting them in new homes.

Ask as many questions as possible about your adopted pooch until you are sure that you want to take him home. This way, it will be easier for you to start a safe relationship with your new Pacific Bulldog.

Pacific Bulldog Feeding

Perhaps you have chosen a stubborn Pacific Bulldog and you are having a hard time feeding him. Some dogs may not even bother to eat because of their laziness. Don’t worry because most dogs will eat when they really want to. This breed requires average sized meals.

Pacific Bulldog Exercise and Grooming Requirements

A 3 to 5-minute walk every day will be enough for your Pacific Bulldog. This breed requires regular skin inspection and regular grooming. You also need to clean his wrinkles and trim his nails regularly. Taking care of his skin and coat can prevent potential health problems.

You should also use a harness when taking your dog out for a walk. Don’t use a collar because if you tug on his leash strongly, it will damage the dog’s windpipe.

Pacific Bulldog Temperament

Since it is traumatic for dogs to lose their homes, they might need more attention and love than normal dogs. Pacific Bulldogs might be clingy and needy because they know what it’s like to be abandoned.


A reputable rescue evaluates the temperament of Pacific Bulldogs. They would also be up-to-date on vaccinations and neutered or spayed. Reputable rescues match the potential adopter and the pooch. If they think that a certain dog would not be a good match, you have to wait until they find a more suitable one. The rescue shelter will make the right choice because they don’t want the dog to come back to them and suffering another rejection.

Living Conditions

Pacific Bulldogs are suitable for those who live in air-conditioned apartments. Due to their facial structure, they can’t inhale a lot of air like the average canine. This is why they easily overheat. If you reside in a hot climate, you should think twice about getting a Pacific Bulldog.

Pacific Bulldogs can live between eight and ten years. This breed is prone to hip dysplasia, respiratory problems and skin diseases. Dogs that are well-cared for and have fewer genetic problems can live longer. By adopting a Pacific Bulldog, you are saving a life.


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