How to Take Care of a Sproodle

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The Sproodle is a cross between the Poodle and the English Springer Spaniel. It’s also called Springerdoodle Retriever, Springerpoo Retriever and Springerpoo. This breed is known for its affectionate and loyal nature, enthusiasm and intelligence.

Sproodle Appearance

The Sproodle weighs between 22 and 32 kilograms and stands at between 45 and 56 centimeters in height. They have a double-layered coat that is weather-resistant and hypoallergenic and which may be straight or wavy.

If they inherit the coat of their Poodle parent, they will shed less. This means that grooming will depend on the coat they inherit.

The Sproodle comes in different colors such as white, dark brown, black, brown and cream. This breed has dark eyes, strong jaw, muscular back legs and hindquarters, well-sprung ribcage, and a fairly long muzzle.

Sproodle Temperament

The Sproodle is a gentle, playful, intelligent, funny, and energetic dog. They are also eager to please. This breed is good with other pets and children, so they are great for families. They also love to swim. Since this breed has a lot of energy, they need considerable time to exercise.

The Sproodle should not be left alone for too long. These dogs can be trained easily because they are smart. With firm direction and proper socialization, a Sproodle pup will become a well-adjusted and self-assured pet.

How to Take Care of Sproodles


Feed your Sproodle two times a day. A 2-month old puppy should be given 240 to 260 grams of high quality food every day, depending on his activity level and size. Give 290 to 310 grams of food to a 3-month old Sproodle pup. A 4-month old puppy should be given 315 to 340 grams every day. At 5 to 10 months, you should give them 325 to 380 grams of food.

A 12-month old Sproodle pup can already eat adult dog food. If your dog weighs 23 kilograms, you can give him 250 to 330 grams of food daily. A Sproodle that weighs 25 kilograms can be given 275 to 360 grams of food. A 30-kilogram Sproodle can consume 392 grams of adult dog food.


The Sproodles should be provided with the right mental stimulation and daily exercise in order for them to be happy and healthy. They should exercise for at least 40 minutes every day. If they are not physically and mentally stimulated, they would get bored and show types of destructive behavior to relieve their stress.

You can take them out for a walk in the morning and afternoon. They’d also love it if they can roam around and release some steam. If you’re planning to let them play in your garden, you have to make sure that your fencing is extremely secure. They will definitely escape if they find any weakness in the fence.

Don’t over exercise your Sproodle puppies because their bones and joints are still soft and growing. If too much pressure is placed on their spine and joints, they will develop serious problems when they become an adult.

Older Sproodles may not need the same amount of exercise as puppies. However, they still need some physical activity to prevent them from gaining weight and to maintain their muscle tone. Older dogs are more susceptible to kidney disorders, so you should give them fresh drinking water every day.

Sproodle Grooming

The coat of a Sproodle varies as it will depend on which parent breed they will inherit the coat from. Regardless of the coat they inherited, they have to be groomed by a professional several times a year. Doing so will make it easier to maintain their coat and keep it in great condition.

This breed sheds little even during the autumn and spring. However, brushing their coat every few days will help remove any debris and dirt that your Sproodle might pick up. It will also prevent any tangles and knots from forming.

Check his ears regularly and clean them as required. If you allow wax to build up, your dog might suffer from a painful ear infection that can be difficult to treat. Prevention is always easier than curing. Keep his ears clean to prevent ear infections.


Breeders provide a feeding schedule for the Sproodle. You should follow the same schedule and give your dog the same food, so he won’t suffer from tummy upsets. If you want to change his diet, you should do it gradually. If he develops any tummy upsets, you should put him back on his original diet. Talk to his vet before trying to change your Sproodle’s diet again.

Older Sproodles are not fussy eaters. Make sure to feed them high quality dog food two times a day – in the morning and in the evening. Their food should meet their nutritional requirements. Give them enough exercise to help them burn off excess calories. Obesity can shorten their life, so you should maintain their weight.

Some Sproodles may also develop allergies. Take your pet to the vet immediately if his allergy flares up. Finding the cause of allergy can be challenging. Your Sproodle’s vet can make your pooch more comfortable while he tries to identify the trigger.

Some of the most common allergy triggers include dust mites, tick and flea bites, airborne pollens, food that contains a lot of grain, environment and chemicals found in cleaning products.


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