5 best beds to buy if you have an English bulldog


English bulldogs have a penchant for long naps and cuddling with their “hoomans,” that they are often regarded as couch potatoes. As puppies, they tend to be playful and active. But as they mature, they become calmer and slow-moving. You will see them sleeping most of the day. Many of these dogs just like taking things easy and having a relaxed time at home with their owners.

If you own an English bulldog, one of the best ways to show some love to is to buy him a nice bed, something that will make them comfortable as he enjoys his siesta. Looking for the best dog bed to buy online? Take a look at our recommendations below.

What to Look for Dog Beds

Comfort – make your dog feel at ease by giving him a bed that suits his size and sleeping behaviors. Some dogs like burrowing or digging outside to have a place for slumber. For that matter, it helps to have a tufted nest or a cuddler. An orthopedic bed or one made of memory foam is the best type of bed suffering from joint problems and arthritis.

Durability – a stuffed bed is not the best option for powerful chewers. If your buddy likes chewing, a soft and squishy isn’t a great choice. There are flatbeds you can buy out there, and some of them are durable enough to last long. Since there’s nothing in them your pet can chew on, you will not have to worry it will be damaged right away.

Ease of cleaning – there are different kinds of fabrics used for dog beds, but if you’re after easy-to-clean fabrics, choose the ones made of lightweight material. Always go for beds with removable cover. If it does not have one, check in the washing instruction if the entire bed is washer-safe. Some beds, especially those without a removable cover, can be put on the washer for convenient cleaning.

Here are 5 Best Beds for English bulldogs for you:

1. Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler



Pros: Like us humans, our fur babies also suffer from joint and muscle pains especially as old age approaches. As you might have known by now, English bulldogs are very prone to developing joint problems and hip dysplasia. What’s nice about this bed is it comes with a soft filling that can relieve pain on your pet’s joints and muscles. According to the product information page, the stuffing is AirLOFT fibers. Some brands also use it as filling for their dog beds, since it’s the premium type that provides better support compared to traditional fiber.

The bottom portion isn’t only dirt resistant but also water-resistant so you can have the peace of mind that it will not mess up your floor. It’s dryer safe so you can put it on the washer any time you want to clean it. It does not come with a removable cover but you can put the entire bed on your washer for easy and stress-free clean-up.

Cons: You might find the center portion too thin. It’s due to the fact that the manufacturer intentionally tufted the center to provide more structure and to keep the stuffing in place. But if your pet loves to “burrow,” or dig, this might be the best one to give her.

2. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed



Pros: If your buddy likes sleeping outside, this portable bed is worth checking out. It’s one of the simplest beds out there and it does not have any stuffing, which can actually be an advantage if you got a heavy chewer right there. Bulldogs have strong jaws that they are notorious for tearing things apart and their beds are not an exception. It’s lightweight and can be easily assembled so you can carry it with you anywhere at home or during travels. Although it’s lightweight, it’s made of durable fabric that’s also resistant to flea and mildew. The fabric used is high density polyethylene, which is breathable and easy to clean. Just make sure to find the right size so your pooch will be able to stretch out.

Cons: It does not provide the same warmth as stuffed dog beds. But if your English bulldog likes outdoor naps and if she’s at ease laying on a flat surface, this bed is a must-buy. Do note, though, that English bulldogs can’t tolerate cold weather that much so if it’s too cold or if it snows in your place, it will help to give your dog his own blanket for extra comfort.

3. Orthopedic Memory Foam by PetFusion



Pros: This firm bed is made of solid memory foam, which is just right for dogs with joint problems. Arthritis is a common health concern among bulldogs but the good news is you can help your pooch deal with the pain associated with the condition. One of the things you can do to help your dog is to let him rest on a high-quality bed.

This bed offers plenty of room for medium-sized English bulldogs since it suits even larger breeds. The cover is removable and it comes in an elegant slate gray to match any room.

Cons: Memory foam is three or four times the price of standard beds. But if you don’t mind spending to give your buddy a decent bed, this one is definitely one of the best brands out there.

4. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed



Pros: It’s a decently priced therapeutic bed. For its price, your dog will already have a large bed made of premium materials. If your pet likes cuddling, he will surely enjoy resting on this bed since it comes with a bolster so he can sleep in any position. He can snuggle on the corners or simply lie down on the mattress. Another thing you’ll love about this bed is it comes out very stylish. The removable cover is plush faux fur while the bolsters are made of suede fabric. It can match the style of your bedroom or living room since it comes in neutral colors.

Cons: It’s not advisable for English bulldogs with excessive teething behavior. Do note that it’s not made of memory foam, but of egg crate foam that is breathable and provides room for more air circulation.

5. Plush Bed by MidWest Homes for Pets



Pros: A plush bed like this one is best used on crates. If your buddy is presently crate training, you can provide a more inviting space for him by putting something like this in his crate. Plus, it’s budget-friendly and you can even take advantage of free shipping currently offered with Amazon Prime. The entire bed is machine washable. All you have to do is put it on your washer and clean it on a gentle cycle. The color can match the style of any room, and while it does not have a removable cover, it’s still easy to clean.

Cons: It only has a slight amount of cushion inside, so expect that it will not give the same comfort as memory foam or egg crate mattress. But it’s cheap.


English bulldogs benefit from orthopedic or therapeutic mattresses, because they are at risk for hip dysplasia and joint problems. You can find many of these beds online, in different sizes and colors.


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