Is the Newfypoo the Designer Breed for You?

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Do you want a strong and driven buddy like the Newfoundland, but also want a hypoallergenic dog like the Standard Poodle? If you’re torn between these two breeds, you might be interested in the Newfypoos. Read on to get to know more about them.


A Newfoundland and Poodle cross is a relatively new breed that originated around the 1980s and only became popular during the 1990s. Like the majority of mixed breeds, the Newfypoo was first bred in the United States for the purpose of having a hypoallergenic working dog.

Newfypoos have a few more nicknames other than the Newfoundland-Poodle cross, like Newfydoodle and Poofoundland. As a designer dog or mixed breed, they are not accepted by major dog organizations like the American Kennel Club. Should you want your Newfypoo to be registered, you may do so with the International Designer Canine Registry.


The Newfypoo is a large designer breed that weighs 45-68 kilograms on average. This dog is a bit shorter than the Newfoundland which is a large working breed. It stands 21 to 30 inches when full-grown, almost similar to the typical height of a Standard Poodle’s.

This breed has round and dark eyes and resembles a grizzly bear just like the Newfoundland but also shares many traits with the Poodle. Like the latter, it has expressive eyes and floppy ears. The Newfypoo’s features will depend on the generation of dog you are planning to get.

It has a long coat just like the Newfoundlands and Standard Poodles. But their coat texture can go from a bit smooth to wool-like. Those with a smooth coat are the easiest to groom but the least hypoallergenic of all. They are still low-shedding but not as much as those with a curly or wool-like coat.

For dogs with a long and wavy coat, it would be ideal to use a pin brush. You can find many of these brushes made from rubber which makes it more comfortable to use on your pet. It is specially made for dogs with a long coat. But if you don’t have a pin brush, a slicker brush can be a good alternative because it works for all coat types and it is also effective in getting rid of tangles.

Fleece types are somewhat in the middle, which can be a bit straight and a bit curly. Wool-like Newfypoos with a curly coat are quite challenging to groom because they have a dense coat texture. It also takes longer to bathe them because their coat is water-repellent so you may need to wet them more and use more shampoo.

Newfypoos come in a variety of colors. The most common is black, but you can also find them in brown and gray or even in black and tan blends. Some have a chocolate and white color combination while others have two or three different colors.


Like their parents, these dogs are affectionate and loving. They are great family companions because of their fun nature and calm temperament. A dog of this crossbreed is ideal not just for families with kids but also for singles and seniors looking for a new addition to their household.

If you don’t mind having an alert and energetic buddy around, the Newfypoo can be one of your best options. More than their alertness, you will love that these dogs are smart. This does not come as a surprise since the Newfoundland and the Standard Poodle are both intelligent breeds.

The majority of Newfypoos are calm, but it is not always easy to tell because a crossbreed’s personality is not very easy to predict. Like their Poodle parent, they have a tendency to bark and wine especially when something excites them or make them nervous.


In addition to being dense and curly, the coats of Newfypoos are also water-repellent. This is one of the reasons why bathing them can take a bit long. To make grooming a less complicated task, better seek help from a professional groomer. You may need to give your pet a full bath once a month but this will still depend on your dog’s level of activity.

However, because this buddy of yours is quite energetic, you might find that he often needs a good bath. The best part is that these dogs love water and are not usually afraid of receiving baths or swimming. If you are eager to do it yourself, use a hypoallergenic shampoo specially created for pets. Human shampoos, even if they are gentle enough, may irritate your pet’s skin because they have a different pH level.

Bathing the dog should be accompanied by brushing twice or thrice a week in order to keep the coat shiny and healthy. Otherwise, dirt and debris can easily get attached to the coat and leave it with unwanted odors. Remember, the coat of this mix is also oily and this is why it should be given a bath when needed.

Before wetting your dog, make sure its coat is combed well. It will be more difficult to bathe your pooch when mats and tangles have already developed. A de-matting comb is an effective tool to have if your Newfypoo has a fleece or wool-like coat texture.

However, make sure you only bathe your dog as needed. Too much bathing can take away the natural oils in their skin, which serves as their protection from dirt and debris. Excessive baths can cause skin dryness and itchiness.

Regardless of your pet’s coat type, it’s a must to trim the hair surrounding its eyes. In case you are afraid to do it yourself, you can simply take your pooch to a professional groomer and have the hair trimmed. This should give your buddy a neat look and prevent the hair from getting in the way.

The good news is that this cross does not shed a lot, just like its Poodle parent. This means you will not have to worry about pet hair or about it causing allergies. If you are hypersensitive to pet hair and dander but still want your own dog, it’s important to get a low-shedding breed.


They have an average lifespan of 9 to 12 years. As a crossbreed, this dog benefits from having a hybrid vigor which means they are not as susceptible to certain conditions often seen in purebred dogs. These are the common health issues seen in this mixed breed:

  • Bloating – often seen in large purebreds and crossbreeds, bloating happens when the stomach becomes distended with gas. This brings pressure to the diaphragm and causes difficulty when breathing. The exact cause of bloating is still unknown but it’s believed that certain things trigger it, like feeding a dog in an elevated bowl and serving one large meal in a day. Experts also recommend against exercising the dog before or after feeding. If you want to get your dog moving, you have to wait for at least an hour before doing so.
  • Cataract – this condition is common in both the Newfoundlands and Standard Poodles so it is not impossible that their offspring will inherit it. Many cases of cataracts do not require surgical operation because it does not really affect the dog’s vision. Other treatment options include supplements containing natural antioxidants for eye health.
  • Hip dysplasia – another problem usually seen in large breeds, hip dysplasia refers to the abnormal formation of the hip socket. The joints are supposed to be grinding against each other but with hip dysplasia, they are sliding into place. It can be painful and may even lead to hip arthritis. Early warning signs include difficulty standing up, lameness, and loss of muscle mass in the legs.
  • Addison’s disease – also called hypoadrenocorticism, this hormonal problem happens when the body cannot produce enough adrenal gland hormones. Vets normally prescribe cortisol, a steroid medication to help relieve stress. Other than steroids, a dog may take natural treatments including flower essence, ginseng, and green tea. CBD oil is also sometimes given to canines with this condition because it has anti-inflammatory properties.


As with most hybrids, the Newfypoo can be quite sensitive to food and you will need to provide high-quality food for his diet. High-quality kibbles pertain to dog foods that are made of natural ingredients. They should not contain animal by-products, preservatives or any other ingredient that may upset a dog’s tummy.

Stick to high-quality kibble until your buddy reaches its fourth month of age. After this stage, you can start offering your pet wet dog food especially if he has a sensitive stomach. Wet food is easier to digest and usually contains fewer calories, making it suitable for canines prone to obesity.

There are many food options for Newfypoos, but the best ones for them are grain-free formulations. They are a bit pricier compared to regular dog food but they are better for Newfypoos with food allergies. It will also save you money in the long run because this means fewer trips to the vet.

The frequency of feeding your dog should not be more than three times a day especially after he reaches adulthood. To avoid bloating, divide your dog’s feeding into three small portions a day. Avoid feeding a large meal in one sitting because it puts the dog at risk of developing stomach bloating.


Despite its large size, the Newfypoo does not need lots of physical activities. Too much exercise can put a strain on its muscle and joints. A 30-minute walk per day is enough to keep your pet in top shape. As much as possible, avoid doing too many physical activities because this crossbreed is quite prone to hip dysplasia.

This energetic buddy can do well living in an apartment as long as he gets enough time outdoors. If you have an off-leash area in your locality, make it a part of your schedule to bring your dog there at least once a week.

Aside from daily walks, these dogs will enjoy lots of play time with their owners. Just be cautious, because you might be surprised by how they use their mouth for play. They may unintentionally bite so it helps to train them early to prevent mishaps. Obedience training and socialization should be started early so your buddy will get used to it.

A Newfypoo does better in houses with large yards because this allows them to run and play to their heart’s content. Having a large yard with a secured fence also makes training easier and ensures your active buddy will not escape.

Reminders When Getting Newfypoos

The average price of each pup can go from $500-$16,000 depending on the pedigree of the Newfypoos. You can only get them for reputable breeders because designer dogs like them are not very common in kennels. There is actually a high demand for this cross but there’s a low supply because there are only a few breeders of Newfypoos.

You will definitely have to pay more if the parents possess a winning bloodline. This means they possess many desirable traits inherited from their ancestors. Seeing a dog’s bloodline is important because it influences a dog’s traits and health conditions.

When getting a Newfypoo pup, always prioritize the dog’s health over anything else. Some may have a unique and cute coloring but there’s no guarantee they are in top shape. Check the health records and see if it was already de-wormed and received the shots necessary for his age.


Together, the Newfoundland and Standard Poodle produce a dog that is smart and easy to train. Like the Newfoundland, the Newfypoo is a gentle giant and just like the Poodle, it exudes elegance. The best part about having a Newfypoo is having a hypoallergenic pet. It is also a loving and affectionate dog that thrives in human companionship.


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