Why Choose the Mini Aussie Poo?

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Are you familiar with the Mini Aussie Poo? This is another breed of the famous doodle hybrid. The Mini Aussie Poo or the Mini Aussiedoodle is a hybrid of a Mini Poodle and a Mini Australian Shepherd. You must have heard of other doodle hybrids, this is also one of these cute and cuddly fur babies.

This new hybrid is becoming a popular designer dog among dog owners and breeders. It is intelligent, playful like its other doodle counterparts. Being a breed coming from the Poodle, it is their nature to be trainable and people-loving dogs.

They are also active and playful like the Australian Shepherds. These little pups have their own characteristics loved by their owners.

Before we talk about the reasons why it is good to have a Mini Aussie Poo, let’s have a little look at the background of this hybrid.

Mini Aussie Poo History

The Mini Aussie Poo was first bred in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. During this time, the Labradoodle was all the rage and the trend of crossbreeding had started with breeders started crossbreeding the mini Poodle with the Mini Australian Shepherd to develop a new hybrid.

The new hybrid was first developed in the United States with the purpose of becoming companion dogs. However, the breeders had different thoughts in mind while developing this hybrid. They wanted to breed the smallest version of the Australian Shepherd and went on crossbreeding the two smallest pure breed dogs. They were carefully bred and the resulting hybrid was the exact design intended to be: small, intelligent, and active.

Coming from two intelligent purebreds, the Mini Aussie Poo is a super-intelligent hybrid, that is obedient, playful and active but also therapeutic. But unlike other hybrids, the Mini Aussie Poo is recognized by the American Kennel Club as a new breed. This is good news for the owners of this breed because it means they can have their dogs registered.

The Mini Aussie is a small dog bred from two small purebreds and is also known as a toy dog. These dogs can stand between 12 to 18 inches in height and their weight is between 15 to 35 pounds, being a small dog. There can only be medium sized Aussie Poos if the parent breed is not a miniature.

This breed can sport a straight or curly coat like those of its parents. There are different coat colors such as white, blue, black, yellow, brown, red, silver or gray. Although they have a straight or curly coat, they are still low to medium maintenance dogs. Frequent grooming is not necessary, but they require having their coat brushed a few times a week to minimize the tangles and matting.

Like their parent breeds, they are small but active and playful. They need to have some exercise and be able to run a few times a day to manage their energy level. Since they are an intelligent breed, they love to be challenged mentally by giving them puzzling games. Training them in obstacle course will give them the exercise they need as well as challenge their.

As you can see, the Mini Aussie Poo is one of the best options if you want to have a dog. Here are more reasons for you to love the Mini Aussie Poo and have one in your care.

1.They are friendly.

The Mini Aussie Poo’s parent breeds are friendly so it makes sense that the offspring inherit these characteristics. They prefer to be around people and other animals. Playing is one of their favorite activities and one of the games they enjoy the most is playing catch as they love to retrieve whatever you throw.

2.They love to share their toys.

Being a friendly dog, the Mini Aussie Poo also loves to share their toys but they can also be a tease with their owners or playmates. They love to present you with gifts and if you try to take it from them, they’d run away with it. It is their way of telling you to play with them and chase them. They are very active and love to run around. They would love it for you to chase them.

But they are never selfish. There will be times when they are possessive with their belongings, especially their toys if they feel you are going to take it away and not give it back to them. Sometimes, they can be possessive when they feel jealous of you letting other dogs play with their toys.

3.They love to bounce around.

One of the traits the Mini Aussie Poo inherited from its parent breed, the Mini Australian Shepherd, is bouncing around. The Mini Aussie Poo loves to jump and bounce. They are agility dogs and bouncing for them is just a play game.

They love to lunge at things, especially your lap. They can lunge at their playmates as well. However, too much agility training might give them the idea to jump over fences. As a responsible owner, you need to watch out for this tendency.

4.They love being with their family.

The Mini Australian Shepherds can develop separation anxiety when they feel that they are left alone. Sadly, this trait was inherited by the Mini Aussies. Both breeds love to have their loved ones nearby and when left alone, they feel abandoned even few just a brief moment. They are friendly dogs so everyone they meet is a friend and a part of the family so when visitors leave, they’d still feel anxiety being separated from their new found friends, whether human, another dog, or another animal.

5.They love constant attention.

I think every dog wants the attention of their owners. The Mini Aussie Poo are no exceptions. Although they are smart and can understand when they have to leave you alone, there will be times that they will crave for attention. This usually happens when they are lonely and want to play. It is a must for dog parents to constantly be attentive to their dogs.

6.They love to cuddle.

If you are sleeping with your Mini Aussie Poo, expect that they will cuddle with you no matter your position is in bed. They love to receive hugs and attention and cuddling is not a question for them.

7.They are effective comforters.

The Mini Aussie Poo breed was developed to become a companion dog. It is innate in them to be comforters and emotional support dogs. They know when you are feeling down and they know how to make you feel better. Now, who doesn’t want that dog?


The Mini Aussie Poo was developed to become therapy dogs and the breeders have produced an intelligent dog. They are one of the best options for people who want companionship and comfort when feeling down.


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