How to Choose the Right Bulldog Tuxedo

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Before buying a Bulldog tuxedo, you have to measure your pet to make sure that it will fit him properly. It should be snug enough that he won’t be able to pull it off. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a tuxedo for your Bulldog or any piece of clothing in general.

How to Choose the Best Bulldog Tuxedo

  • Comfort

Your Bulldog’s comfort should be your top priority when looking for clothes. If your pooch suffers from arthritis, you should let him wear something thicker to reduce the pain and ache of this condition. You may also want to get a pair of booties for your Bulldog, especially is his paws are sensitive to cold surfaces or weather conditions.

Although Bulldogs have their coat to protect them, they need and will certainly appreciate more protection in wet or cold conditions. An extra layer of clothing will improve circulation as well as add warmth to his body. Moreover, a Bulldog wearing a tuxedo is bound to get compliments.

  • Fit

The tux shouldn’t hinder your pet’s movement. It should be easy to put on and remove because your Bulldog might become impatient and frustrated with clothes if he can’t get out of it. You should also consider your Bulldog’s lifestyle and preferences.

The right Bulldog tuxedo won’t make him uncomfortable and itchy. It’s also made of washable and durable fabric. You need to make sure that it fits his measurements accurately. To get the best fit, you should measure his neck and the widest part of his chest. You should also measure the distance from his waist to his neck.

Make sure that his belly is not constrained so that he won’t have any problem when doing his business. Taking measurements before you buy anything is always a good idea. It’s best to start with simple clothes, especially if you’re just starting to get your Bulldog used to tuxedos or any piece of clothing.

For instance, you can start with a large bandana that he can wear around his neck. It’s also a good idea to let him get used to wearing clothes early. Train your Bulldog to wear clothes while he’s still a puppy because younger dogs can adjust to new things a lot better than older ones.

If he’s already an adult, you just need to train him with extra effort and patience. Let him sniff the tux that you want him to wear. Allow your pooch to smell and examine the outfit. Don’t forget to praise him for showing interest in the tux and give him a treat. Doing so will help you establish a positive association with the clothes.

Put the tux on slowly while praising your pooch. Touch the sides of his body gently with the tux. Praise him and give him a treat if he doesn’t move. Drape the tux over his back and if he stays still, gradually fasten the tux in place while offering treats and praise at the same time.

If your Bulldog looks uncomfortable or acts anxious, you should stop and just attempt again later. By doing so, your pooch won’t develop a bad association with putting on tuxedos or clothes.

Here are 5 Best Bulldog Tuxedos for you:

1. Lovelonglong Dog Formal Tuxedo



Pros The tux from Lovelonglong is specially designed for beefy dogs with a short body and a big neck and chest. It’s the perfect formal wear for your Bulldog. There are different sizes to choose from, so it can be worn by different breeds such as Pugs, American Pit Bull and Bully Pitbull. Whether you have an English Bulldog or a French Bulldog, you can definitely find the right size for your pooch.

The fully lined tux is made of a soft cotton blend to keep your pet comfortable all day. It is lightweight and durable. The suit style and exquisite stitching will make your Bulldog look more attractive. The button’s humanized design will set your pooch apart from the rest.

Cons – Some customers complained about incorrect sizing. That is why you should measure your bulldog properly before placing an order.

2. Meioro Dog Tuxedo



Pros – The Meioro Dog Tuxedo has a splicing design and a tiny bow tie on the back and front to make your Bulldog look cute and stylish. It’s made of super soft fabric that’s comfortable to wear and touch. The tux is perfect for birthdays, dog photoshoots and party wear.

It’s not only for Bulldogs. The tux can also be worn by Poodles, Bichon Frize, Pomeranian, Cocker Spaniels, Chihuahua and even cats. Just measure your pet properly in order to get the right size for them.

Cons – There’s a risk of getting the wrong size since the fabric isn’t elastic. Your measurements should be a bit loose to make it convenient for dogs to move around.

3. Alfie Pet Formal Tuxedo



Pros – The Alfie Pet Formal Tuxedo has a lining which makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The package also includes a replacement red bow tie and black tie to give your pooch different looks for various occasions. The tuxedo material has an extremely detailed design, adding an extra touch of elegance to the tux.

The Alfie Pet Formal Tuxedo is perfect not only for Bulldogs, but also for Bassett Hounds, English Pointers and Dalmatians. The tux best fits dogs with a neck girth of 16.5 inches, body length of 19 inches and breast girth of 27.5 inches.

Cons – The gold button is flimsy, but it doesn’t affect the comfort offered by the tux.

4. Petvins Dog Tuxedo w/ Bowknot Tie



Pros – The tuxedo is made of striped silk fabric. It is breathable and comfortable, so your Bulldog can wear it for hours without feeling hot. The format suit is perfect for all occasions like Christmas, weddings, banquets and parties. It also comes with a cute bowknot tie, so your Bulldog will always be ready for the camera.

Cons – Some customers complained that it doesn’t have a hole for a harness.

5. Stock Show Tuxedo Bandana Collar



Pros – The bandana collar is soft, comfortable and breathable because it’s made of premium quality cotton. It’s adjustable as the strip length measures 6.3″. The bandana comes with a bowtie and decorative buttons, so your Bulldog will definitely look stylish.

It can be worn during weddings, parties, Halloween and other special occasions or whenever you want to dress up your pooch. It is easy and quick to put on. You only need to tie the bandana collar around your pet’s neck and that’s it. The bandana won’t pull on your Bulldog’s hair or skin.

Cons – There are only two colors to choose from – red and blue.


Bulldogs deserve love and care from their owner. Wearing a tuxedo that is comfortable to put on and fits properly shouldn’t take your pet long to get used to. Consider the tips stated above when buying a Bulldog tuxedo and you will definitely find the right one for your pooch.



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